a type of police reform where funds are taken from the police and reallocated to fund schools, communities, and mental health programs to help reduce crime and the high demand for police.

taking funds away from areas in the police department such as police unions, the 1033 program, and militarization can also help reduce the amount of corruption that goes on in the police department.
the NYPD’s funding is 6 billion which is more than what the city spends on health, homelessness, youth development, and workforce development combined. Yes, Defund the Police
by thymission December 2, 2020
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Something dumb people do and make a total 360 on after they regret it
Person A: Things weren't too bad after a few days of gambling, but months later it's really starting to get to me

Person B: You just got defund the police'd
by bruh 🙂 February 13, 2022
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Everyone is saying defund the police until you get robbed.
911 what's your emergency oh wait you guys wanted to defund the police so good luck with that robber.
by BIGDICK69% November 13, 2020
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