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An idiotic Youtube army of the "Elite" trolls who fancy themselves the V.I.P.s of Youtube. There's the original deftalulz, a wannabe pimp who speaks spanish,Deftalulz4, a failtroll/dramawhore, MechDefta, Deftalulz4's robo body, EthcingAcid, an angry boy, letmegiveyoucrabs, a non-registered sex offender, and some other losers.

The supposed leader of the clan is MechaDefta, who admits he was "defeated" by the Youtube staff and is reincarnated as a cyber-android-troll.
Guy: *Minds own business*

deftalulz: I have 9 girlfriends.

MechDefta: Let's talk about meeeeeee!!!!!

EtchingAcid: Fuck baby penis shit.

letmegiveyoucrabs: I'm a giant pedo.

B.) Defta Force = Ginyu Force minus gay poses, but with more queers.
by Trollsarelosers April 16, 2009
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Yet another self described (and thus failer than you) Youtube trolling group.

Led by some annoying, bored little attention whoring brat by the name of Mechadefta. Claims himself a cyborg (which is retarded to point of self-parody) Most likely a 90lb. twenty year old virgin for life, living in his parents' basement or, a 300lb. forty year old man living in his parents' basement.

These chicken shit pussies spend a lot of time, like most Youtube trolls, screaming profanity and trying to play the big bad internet villains.

Like all youtube whore-troll little boy clubs, they claim to "destroy" people. People who seem to still exist and seem to have had absolutely no harm done to them at all.

Fancy that. Pussies who post crappy shit on youtube can't actually do anything of value.

Delusional self worth, delusional skill and delusional power, followed by delusional self-pronounced victory. (the hallmark of the youtube troll)

All in a pathetic attempt to get anyone to come back and give them the attention they so desperately need.
Defta is yet another example of the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory in full force on Youtube, the internet fuckwad's paradise.
by esper777 June 04, 2009
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One of the various Youtube troll groups, but this one has much more intelligent members than most others. Led by MechaDefta and deftalulz.
Defta cannot be stopped.
by Nod Flenders May 11, 2009
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