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Definition Wars. When two or more people get into a fight by submitting definitions, going back and fourth as to weather the subject is good or bad. This stupidity oftin occurs surrounding the following:
- Someone nobody knows and nobody cares about(besides the people involved)
- Some nearly non-existant town (known only to the people involved)
- Two rivaling schools that no one's ever heard of (somewhere in the middle of butt-fucking NOWHERE Wisconsin).
Def. Wars oftin go something like this:
Idiot #1: Kristin is the sexiest, hottest chicka evah!!!11 She'z the shit and she's cool and she's hot!!!

Idiot #2: Kristin is a filthy whore who be alwayz spreadn't hur legz n shit! Kristin needs to die from an STD

Idiot #3: I'm gonna kill the person who posted the thing about my gurrl.

Idiot #1: Kristin is the most beautoful, cute girl who know more than ypu ever will!

Idiot #2: Kristin is a filthy skank, period.

Idiot #3: OMGWTFBBQ!!!! Lyke!!!1
by Peaseblossom85 July 18, 2006
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