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The form of paintball created by two very agg kids. They were at the Badlandz and the airball fields were closed so they sucked it up and played woodsball.

For those who dont know, woodsball kills the style of agg kids. And the two kids could not put up with it, so they created a new, better, style of the already amazing sport.

They were playing on a big woodsball field, well, not really playing, more like sitting down taking a nap. When all of a sudden, a deer came out of the woods and told us,
"I am the Deer of God. I am the best. Hop on my back, and we will rape the opposing team."

So they jumped on its back and completly raped tits.

End of story.
Zach-"Wanna go Deerballin?"
Jason-"Oh, of course! I'll drive you there too!"

Dan-"Hey Joe, wanna go deerballing? I just got a new hk longsleeve, we could do it!!!!!!1!"
Joe-"No, you fail so hard. Your not agg, and to deerball, you can't just be agg. You have to be gods."
by zmund lol January 20, 2008
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