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One of the most desolate high schools in America, known to rival schools as “Queer Valley”, located in the town that has recently got lots of press as the place where kindapped victim Jaycee Lee Dugard was held in captivity for 18 years. DVHS is known for it’s extremely ghetto charm and is one of the few suburban high schools where there is more black people than white people. Gangsta scum is the majority. We recently had a gang-related shooting in our back parking lot and went on lockdown for two hours, and at a recent football game a gun was confiscated from a student. Despite being forced to wear body ID tags, violence is still very prevalent on campus. We have a slutty volleyball team and a all black cheerleading squad. Students talk back to teachers on a routine basis and fights breakout daily in and out of the classroom. The administration and teachers have zero control over the school despite the fact they like to believe they do, when in reality they are scared of the students and the administration likes to lock themselves up in their offices. The most hardcore students are bused from East Oakland, Southside San Fransisco, and Richmond, three of the most dangerous cities in the world. The bathrooms are disgusting and are full of spray paint messages ranging from gang symbols to "i fcked ur bf biatch". The freshman bathrooms are always closed for obvious reasons; one year someone took a shit in the sinks.
I want to transfer from the ghetto-ass piece of shit of a "school" called Deer Valley High School. Many would go with me if they could. Let's all kick it at the REAL DVHS - Dougherty Valley High school.
by fuckdisschool October 10, 2009
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