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an amazing girl who is extremly beautiful, down to earth, funny, not very smart girl with very little potential and with brown hair and non blue eyes. usually has big boobs and is the biggest flirt u will ever know. Loves her food and isnt afraid to show it. She is a good friend and will always keep your secrets.
-boy- i used to have a girlfriend named deeana and she ate everything(: but thsts what i loved about her that she wasn't afraid to show it.

-girl- i have a bestfriend named deeana and i can trust her with my life. She never tells any of my secrets and always trusts me with hers too.
by -unknown to the animal species February 11, 2010
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A girl that is insanely athletic and ever so perfectly curved, is the right amount of tall and the perfect amount of short. she is insanely smart and everyone around her knows it. She is very hidden about herself, even though everyone thinks they know her. She absolutely loves friends and is amazingly loyal to anyone who deserves it. She probably has OCD, Anxiety or Depression but keeps it quite and is never not smiling. She makes everyone around her extremely happy and no one will ever be upset around her. She is one of the most life changing people you will ever meet
Girl: "I want to be like Deeana"
Guy:"I want Deeana..."
by mammitothepappi May 30, 2018
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