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Decatur High School, is a middle class high school in Federal Way, Washington. Decatur High School is full of posers, wannabes, and bitches. You will meet some of the worst people here. Students at Decatur are under achievers and only come to school to skip classes. Most students you encounter are high, have recently been high or posess drugs. Decatur High School sports are a joke. It's like they are trying to lose. The sports program will never improve. If you wish to be a star athlete don't come here. Decatur High School, is an under achieving high school, and if you wish to have a good time in high school don't come here.
Bill - "wow your not very smart"
Jim- "Yeah I know its not my fault I went to Decatur High School (Federal Way)"


"I was thinking of moving to Dash Point, but I realized that my kid would go to Decatur, I quickly changed my mind."
by Decatursucks284 June 20, 2009
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