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The unmistakeable look of resignation in a person's eyes when they realise their life will end in the next few moments.
Some say this is a look of incomprehensible terror, some say a mental breakdown, others that it's the retrospective of said person's existence playing to them. Whatever it is, you know the look when you see it.

The first few moments after the glaze are usually the happiest of said person's lifetime, for it is now that may relish true freedom.
Not only is the pain over very soon, but they know, for a finite number of seconds, they are essentially invincible.

Another rumour is that Death itself whispers the secret of life to the condemned just before expiration. If these prospects excite you, worry not. Your death glaze is on the way!
At the Zoo:

"Dude, i just totally saw Carl's death glaze!"

"I'm not surprised. Why did you think it would be funny to get him drunk and chuck him into the lion enclosure?"
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin August 06, 2009
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