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Death trip is something to describe a hell-ish experience when ingesting hallucinogenic drugs, such as L.S.D. and PsiloCubensis(Magic)Mushrooms. A Death Trip is usually classified as a "Bad trip" Multiplied by 2, and is more dramatic in about every way, Especially when it comes down to length of the trip.

common symptoms of a Death Trip is: Extreme feeling of nausia, excessive vomiting, unable to walk/move, unable to consume food or water, high fever, yellowing/paleing of skin, and Extreme hallucination.
Usually lasting twice 3 times as long as a normal trip but also depends on how much of the drug is used.

While experiencing a death trip one may acknowledge life lessons, experience extreme deja vu, have vissions of past life, and possibly learn there lesson about the power of these hallucingens.

Bob: I experienced a Death Trip last weekend. I had two hits of spongebob blotter paper and ate a couple of stems of Liberty caps.

Ted: Really? How was it?

Bob: I spent the remainder of my weekend tripping off the blobs crawling on my arms and puking up fridays night's taco bell.

Ted: Wow, sounds bad.

Bob: yeah... Hence the name.
by Painkiller13351 April 27, 2009
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