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A girl who is Stunning and Gorgeous and most defiantly taken! She is a motivated and a deep and profound persons. She a girl who will inspire millions and save thousands. A women who will be a amazing wife and a even better mother. she is the perfect women the one in every mans dreams. but most of all she is a girl who will be eternally loved by James Carmichael Scott. (and a butthead)
Guy1( stares across the room)
Guy2(Bro what are you staring at?)
Guy1(points across the room)

Guy2(looks across the room "whats the beams of light?)
James Carmichael walks in looks at guy 1 and 2 and says "Thats Deanna Renee Pardee the most beautiful women in the world and mine. MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!
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