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Too say a soppy remark, usually resulting in humiliation, or complete lack of success.
Guy: Your smile makes my day.
Girl: Eww, go away, freak, that's well deanish.
by donkerz January 18, 2010
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A very recent foreign language created by Howard Dean. Although it has only been in existance for about two years, it has a fanatical following, mainly by communists, the far left wing of the Democratic party, and other assorted kooks.

It began as a form of the English language but recently morphed into it's own language. It is very unique among languages, in that it is only spoken when discussing politcs with a "right wing neoconrep."

It starts out in quiet conversational tone but rapidly progresses to animalike screeching and and yelling at the mere mention of triggerwords such as halliburton, Boy KING, Cheney, Oil, Global Warming, or 2000 Election.
You voted for Bush? Don't you know he is a neoconrep, BOY KING!!!! Rrrrrrrrrr!!!! I don't believe you!!!!! Grreaaaghghghg!!! Bush Bad!!!! Yeeaaaaagghgghghgh!!! Air america good!!!!....Rrrrrrrr!!!! Halliburton!!!! Grrrrr!!!This is the worse eoconomy since the great depression!!!!!! Yeaaagggghhhh!!!! Global Warming!!!!! Rrrrrr!!! Bush stole the election!!! Yeaaagghghghghghh!!! You racist! Deanish is my native language!!! Gggggrrrr!!!
by leo cuban July 26, 2006
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