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1. Someone (generally male) dressed in exceedingly fresh, classy, and clean cut clothes in an up scale fashion.
2. An individual clothed in a superior fashion to the event necessary
3. When someone dresses much nicer than they usally do.

Derived from the word "dean", implying some sort of authority or power to the individual, emphasizing the level of ones dress as being superior to his/her peers.
1. Ben- Hey man did you see grandpas suit?
Ryan- Yeah bro Gramps is the fucking dean of dapper dress. He's always looking fresh.

2. Ryan- haha Ben nice khakis. Its the first day of school, not a wedding.
Ben- Well sorry man mom said to make sure and look nice.
Ryan- Yeah but you coulda left the honors of being the dean of dapper dress to some other queer.

3. Ryan- haha bro did you see that stoner jake today in class?
Ben- yeah dude he's wearing a lacoste polo and pressed pants. how lame.
Ryan- yeah next time i see him im gonna say, "well arent you just the dean of dapper dress?!"
Ben- ahaha yeah dude do it. that'll be sure to piss him off
by rbmuny January 28, 2009
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