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The infamous expression of shock/disbelief and/or rejection. Famous users of the 'Dead Meerkat' include Petr Cech, and of course, meerkats, such as the one in 'The Lion King' (Please note that no research was taken into whether or not the meerkat in 'The Lion King' did indeed assume the 'Dead Meerkat' position even once throughout the entirity of the film).
The expression is a pose in which the user extends the arms outwards, elbows bent, fingers pointing downwards with the palms facing towards the ribcage, usually accompanied by a facial expression of shock and/or bewilderness/disorientation. In extreme circumstances, the user will assume the pose whilst simultaneously falling backwards onto the ground, curling up one's legs and stiffening the toes.
Player A: *Slots ball past Petr Cech*
Petr Cech: *Falls onto back and assumes the position of the 'Dead Meerkat'*

Person A: "Oi mate watch me get wiv dis fitty yeah"
Person B: "Go on then son"
Person A: *Walks up to target and offers to dance*
Target: *Looks at her less attractive friend, pointing towards the bar, followed by a nod in unison from both, thus walking away*
Person A: *Assumes the 'Dead Meerkat' position*
by MagicMartin18 October 15, 2007
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