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The act of sitting in front of a computer screen and surfing for information and entertainment mindlessly. A more brain-dead type of surfing the internet that commonly occurs at or between the times of 10:00pm and 2:00 am. The information found while Dead Screening is not usually remembered the next day. To come out of Dead Screening is an impossible task until you cannot think of anything more to search, fall asleep at the computer or are disturbed in some way by a partner, power cut or internet crash.
*FB chat between Friends*
Guy1: sup
Guy2: sup, wuu2?
Guy2: DUDE WUU2?
Guy1: huh, oh dead screening

*In the office the next day*
Guy1: Hey man, what time did you get to bed last night, you look like shit!
Guy2: ooh umm, iunno I was Dead Screening until 3:25 am
Guy1: what did you find?
Guy2: iunno...
by Theata October 07, 2010
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