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When you first met DeAira she was shy and to herself, but being around her opened up a side no one can forget. DeAira's are usually beautiful and intelligent. She's very goofy and family oriented, and when you see her she's usually surrounded by a group of friends making them laugh. Everyone loves having her around, and everyone invites her because she lights up the whole room. She can make you fall in love just by her smile or the way she flutters her eyelashes. She's crazy, fun, and well respected. DeAira's are usually open when it comes to finding their match they can go from men like Morris Chestnut, to men like Adam Rodriguez, but usually settling down for the Ashton Kutchers. When you meet a DeAira don't let her or her gorgeous brown eyes go.
"Who is that?"

"Oh that's DeAira"

"DeAira? man I have to get to know her."
by alphamale000 July 29, 2014
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