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Some people can suffer from verbal diarrhoea. Others still can be referred to as a morning person. Combine these afflictions in a lab while trying to find a cure, and you will have yourself a Dawn-gibberer.

A Dawn-gibberer seems to talk either at random or along an unceasing tangent without mercy and despite signals indicating sufferance from hapless and/or occupied listeners, who are trying instead to muster at least a modicum of interest. The Dawn-gibberer's activities are definatively prominent during the first few hours of the morning, when other human beings are still trying to wake up, and therefore cannot functionally engage in nor fully understand a steady stream of disconnected ramblings.

Like an excorcist for the possessed, when faced with the verbal vomit of the Dawn-gibberer - it's head spinning and muttering - find yourself someone proficient in multitasking to feign interest and save your people.
Steve donned an armor of indifference, armed himself with caffeine, and valiantly walked into his office in order to face the evil Dawn-gibberer known to the villagers as Suzie.
by Danny K. June 06, 2007
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