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Dawlton is the most sweetest boy youll ever meet.He will always make you smile when your feeling down. Dawlton has short dirty blonde hair and an amazing smile . You would be so lucky to have a dawlton in your life. He is handsome and will always celebrate anytime of the day when your with him. He will always make dirty/funny jokes to make you smile . When he sees you smile its like he just accomplished climbing to the top of Mt.Everest . I love a dawlton in my life you should get one too
Me:Hey dawlton!
Dawlton:did you know birds have feelings
Me:Omlll i love you so much
Dawlton:Love you more
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The terrible hill billy kid you go to kinder garden with who eats all your crayons your mom just bought you for school and then tells you to suck his dick.
Person 1 Hey have you seen dawlton
Person 2 Yes he just told my mom to suck his dick and ran off.
Person 1 your being a real dawlton.
by Canyoukillme? June 21, 2017
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Most coolest person you would meet. Is hot and caring
Dude he is a Dawlton.
by lordelf June 01, 2018
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