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A slummy hick-town that no one knows about with one ally, one dumpster, and a really cool homeless guy that sits there and panhandles outside the liquor store. Honestly, it shouldn't even be called a town, but some guy whose last name was Davis was very egotistic and decided that having a dumb town named after him was better than no town at all. Honestly, it's just a dumpy suburb of Waterford, which is a dumpy suburb of Pontiac, which is a dumpy suburb of the most dangerous city in the United States, DETROIT. So it's really just a sub-sub-suburb of Detroit. In other words, it's stupid. The only upside is its filled with loads of homeschooled kids who are all ridiculously smart and potheads who decide that torching the library's paper recycling bin would be fun. A very entertaining combination.
Bob: Oh yeah, I'm headed to Davisburg this afternoon.
Bill: Where's that?
Bob: I dunno.
Bill: How are you going to find it?
Bob: Ummmm, just follow all the homeschool moms with huge white vans driving their 12 children everywhere...
Bill: Oh....
by Beast2016 September 05, 2011
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