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(Duh-Vee-Duh) Davida is usually your best friend that's exotic, and wasn't born in America. She tall, gorgeous, funny, loud but not to the point where it's annoying, beautiful skin, big boobs, and a nicely shaped ass, she's everything a guy wants, but a lot of guys are intimidated by her, and even though she seems mean, she actually a big softy. Not to mention, she's a flirt, makes you question your sexuality, loves to play hard to get, heartbreaker, dazzling smile, great body, and a great manipulator, and most of the time Davida's are either black or tan. Everyone needs their selves a Davida. If get to know Davida you'll fall in love. And if you have yourself a Davida don't let her'll regret it.
Guy #1- Dang who's the knew girl?
Girl#1- I don't know but she is fine as hell
Guy #2- I thought you were straight?!
Girl#1- Damn! Me too
Guy #2- Her name is Davida, she's foreign
Girl & Guy#1- Makes sense.
by Truthisid<3u April 06, 2017
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AMAZING FRIEND,FUNNY as fuck will always be there for you, but if you hurt anyone she loves SHE WILL KICK YOUR ASS BITCH.has small eyes,big lips(great for sucking). is tall has big boobs also has nice skin (sometimes). mostly mix race with curly hair . loves to burp not much of a farting person .if you need food BITCH just call her ;) rude to some people but dont really hate them that much. tries to get skinny (work out) but it never works , ALSO JUST A FUCKING MEME.
davida- BURP.....BITCH YOU DONT KNOW ME !!!!!!11
by P3N1Z!!!! October 31, 2017
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Davida is the light of the world, the STAR in your eyes, basically shes has fame, fortune, wealth, and love in her future.
Got me a Davida yall
by fjndmkdbdhb January 17, 2018
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The female name for David, meaning "Beloved". It's Hebrew. Not to be mistaken with DaviNA, a knockoff name used by sluts
David: My kid was born today.
Sam: Oh, was it that boy you were dreaming of?
David: Nope, it was a chick. I couldn't think of a name for a girl, so I named it Davida.
by DemonGoddess0613 July 10, 2008
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