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some random kid from rochester. he just showed out of no where one day at SUNY Geneseo. due to the fact that he is overage, he can buy not only himself, but others alcohol. though it hasnt been confirmed, many believe that he feels it necessary to drink the same amount as the people around him (ex. alex, emily and doug each drink 10 beers...dave drinks 30).

once drunk, he begins to sleep in the nearest place that "looks comfortable"...this usually ends up being in the bed of Kyle Saxton, who comes back to his room, without fail, 5 minutes after Dave passes out. Dave will then awaken 2 and a half hours and claim that he didnt fall asleep, but merely rested his eyes for 2 minutes max.

working at the local school's buffet on the southside of the suny geneseo campus, he doesnt even really do anything. you can see him wandering around, talking to people, busting peoples balls, and eating stuff off of people's plates claiming he was "checking out the food quality".

living in the meadows apartment next semester, his two roommates Kyle Saxton and Doug Brown dont really know how they feel about rooming with him. on the bright side, dave drinks and is known to party it up. on the bad side, dave drinks and is known to party it up.
previously: last week dave got a ticket from policeman joe
scene: wednesday night/thursday morning, a room that isnt daves', dave has been drinkin

policeman joe: whats your name again?
David Lee Roberts: dave
policeman joe: and whats your major again? DRINKING!!!
by doug brown February 25, 2008
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