Dr David Christopher Kelly CMG was a scientist, employee of the MoD and UN weapons inspector. Dr Kelly was murdered in 2003 by agents acting on behalf of Tony Bliar.

In 2003 Dr Kelly headed the team which produced a dossier for the Joint Intelligence Committee detailing Iraq's WMD capabilities. It was this dossier on which Prime Minister Tony Bliar based his bizarre insistence to the House of Commons that Iraq posed a threat to the UK. Mr Blair stated that he had concrete evidence that Iraq could have the capability to fire chemical or biological weapons into Britain within 45 minutes of Saddam Hussain giving the order. Mr Blair stated that the information was all contained within Dr Kelly's report but that no-one else could see it as it was classified for reasons of national security.

Incensed by the Prime Minister's gross misrepresentation of his report, Dr Kelly took the extraordinary step of publicly declaring that the report was being misquoted and the British Parliament and public were being mislead.

After making his announcement, Dr Kelly went into hiding, breaking cover only to say that "dark forces are at work" and that he feared for his family.

On the morning of 18th of June 2003 Dr Kelly was found dead.
Fred: The Hutton Inquiry has ruled that David Kelly committed suicide and that he hadn't said the things attributed to him by the media.

Bill: Bloody whitewash.
by Charles K Darwin April 6, 2008
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