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A fake ass punk who wishes to obliterate your 2nd amendment rights. He is an extreme attention whore who needs to be exposed to everyone everywhere at any given moment. Each time people attack or see through his lies he morphs into a whiny entitled crybaby state that only remedies when the "Attacker" apologizes afterword. He also swears at and manipulates anyone that stands in the way of his agenda.
David Hogg wasn't even there the day of the shooting. He also bullied the shooter along with several other classmates which combined with his already preexisting mental illness he completely lost his sanity and snapped. Hogg even made a Nazi salute at one of his speeches. I mean that's saying a lot.
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by A human male July 10, 2018
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Some teenager who thinks he’s an expert on gun laws because he’s a “young adult” but cries when he faces criticism because “he’s only a teenager”.
There goes that David Hogg kid running his mouth again.
by JesusMorrison May 21, 2018
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This 18 year old "wise sage" speaks lies and filth to the American public, in attempts to make an emotional argument for law abiding Americans to turn over their guns. He in fact knows nothing at all, as an 18 year old Generation Z dimwit is still yet clueless to the facts surrounding life experience, politics, governance and dignity. He also gets a kick out being a bully by organizing boycotts of people or businesses that are not in lockstep with leftist totalitarian groupthink. David Hogg will inevitably run out of his 15 minutes of fame when the fake news Perp media no longer finds him useful as a pawn. He is also referred to as a little Hitler. Avoid his bullshit propaganda handed to him by the accomplice media.
David Hogg is nothing but a childish little leftist bully using his 15 minutes of fame to get useless gun control laws passed but people kill, not guns.
by SepticTank June 09, 2018
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A scrawny, beta-male bitchboy who uses tragedies to further push his leftist agenda of gun control.
Note: He was not in the same building as the shooter.
David Hogg may not be a crisis actor, but he and his posse of pussies are putting on an act. Your emotional hissyfits are no reason for me to get rid of my guns.
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by FuckedUpDrummer May 15, 2018
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The name you give a cucked soy boy.

Typically a male with large amounts of estrogen or low amounts of testicles.

Would blow every guy in class for a nice high-five.

Cries at Greys Anatomy.
Brian: That Max kid is a real David Hogg.

Timmy: Yeah, I heard he sucked off the teacher so he could get another hall pass.

Brian: Fag.
by DJ_Dunkin May 31, 2018
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