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When you are performing cunnilungus on a gal and while inserting your finger into her asshole, you shockingly connect with a turd, poking it back from which it came. The act resembles Davey Crocket tamping a musket ball down his musket barrel.

Also known as the Musketeer.
I performed the Davey Crocket on that girl's asshole, poked a little turd back up the tunnel.
by Crocketman July 14, 2012
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The act of resting each ball on the chicks eyes, and beating it till you bust on her face, then you rest your shaft along the bridge of her nose. If performed successfully the placement of your balls and shaft should resemble Davey Crocket's classic raccoon hat.
Last night I got so hammered, I picked up this diiiirrrrty hood-rat and pulled "A Davey Crocket" on her so I wouldnt have to look at her ugly mug.
by Remik-ton Steele August 25, 2006
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