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1. Of or relating to, being a Douche.

2. A pejorative term for an individual that is acting arrogant, obnoxious, or selfish.
3. An action that clearly deserves a Karmic Bitch Slap.

4. The description of an act that is/was Douchetastic.
You might be Daveish if you:

1. Lean into a baseball pitch and allow it to hit you, then charge the mound.

2. Strike out a 7 year old in Wiffle Ball and then rub it in their face by prancing around like a Soccer Player who just scored a goal in the World Cup.

3. Call your Cousin's wife a whore.

4. Break up a no-hitter in baseball, in the 9th inning, with a bunt.

5. Use the last square of Toilet Paper and do not replace the roll, leaving the next squatter to fend for themselves.

6. Create and then reinforce a douchey nickname for yourself like, "Da Hammer."

7. Are seen in public; rocking a Soul Patch, Drinking a Jagerbomb, sporting a spray tan, Pointing at cameras in photos, wearing a Seashell Necklace, rocking Shutter Glasses, wearing Flip Flops while also wearing a sweater, having blond tipped hair, and popping collars.
by Dr. Kennith Ian Buss May 29, 2012
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