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Ricky Webster. Anything pertaining to Ricky Webster or anyone who is listed as anything like Ricky Webster is the Dave Type. Dave Type refers to a life-long obsession to the music, videos, concerts, and other forms of media of the Dave Matthews Band. This also includes the members of the band.
The Dave Type may or may not base their plans for the year around Dave's touring schedual
by Crazyrocker June 04, 2009
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The consistent and almost ridiculous misuse of the English language and its rules during chats and texts to the detriment of the receiver. Sender usually corrects some mistakes after messaging, further blocking the flow of the conversation.
SENDER : i thought we where goinh too talk about Trins today?

"were going to" that is

trains also


RECEIVER: That's O.K., I can read "davetype". Stop correcting yourself!
by VanillaCat44 August 20, 2011
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