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When you tell someone you'll do something, and then you just don't like a chump.
Dave: "Yeah, John. Let's hang out this weekend."
John: "Dave's not here. He Dave'd out again..."
by xshelboner September 19, 2010
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You have no control over your woman, When she wants to leave you have to leave. If you dont listen you will be left at the party
Leigh made Mike leave the party, Mike listened so he is Daved out
by junkee39 October 03, 2010
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Someone who is "Daved Out" likes to play in Fantasy Sports leagues. Unfortunately, this guy always pays his entrance money late. He waits to see if he has a shot at the winnings, and then he comes up with the loot. In the worst-case situations, when someone behaves like the ORIGINAL Dave, he may not ever offer to pay until he finds out that he has won first place in the league.

Additionally, anyone who is "Daved Out" acts like a total fucking pussy. This makes them a "Total Dave."
Nick is going to the Usher concert like a Total Dave. Aaron totally "Daved Out" and didn't pay Mike for the March Madness Fantasy League.
by NotAJen10 September 29, 2010
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To be "Daved Out" means that you have no authority or say in what you do, who you talk to or how you live your life, because your girl has taken over control. Guys that are "Daved Out" are not allowed to hang out with their friends unless they ask permission from their woman. "Daved Out" also can refer to backing out of something without a real explanation.

Anyone who is "Daved Out" is a total pussy.
Other forms of the word include: "Dave Move," or "Total Dave."
Ever since Aaron has been dating that new girl, he has totally Daved Out." "Nick totally Daved Out and left the bar as soon as his girl called." "Rich pulled a total Dave Move by not answering my question." "Greg is a Total Dave."
by NotaJen10 September 01, 2010
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To be "Daved Out" means not being adequately prepared.
It is 6 days before Mike's wedding and he does not have anything to wear. He will totally be "Daved out" at his own wedding.
by PupTouch October 04, 2010
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