An amazing guitarist, and co-writer of classic songs in the band Iron Maiden. Dave stands as the only other remaining member of iron maiden since their beginining in the mid -70s besides bassist Steve Harris. He and guitarists, Janick Gers, and Adrian Smith are all similiarly/different, Murray is the guitarist that is known for playing his random ass solos on the spot following only melody and the scales...making him more of a Hendrix than a Page.
Dave Murray and his strat are out to rule the world! yeah, i guess iron maiden can come along for the ride too.
by James TH April 2, 2007
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One of the current three guitarists in British Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden.
High up in the Iron Maiden hirearchy, he's second only Steve Harris himself, due to the fact that he's stuck with Maiden more or less all the way (1976 - Present), with the exception of a short period they were left without him thanks to a rift between himself and former vocalist Dennis Wilcock. During the time he spent away, he joined up with Adrian Smith (now also one of the Maiden guitarists) and his band Urchin.
He's the one who looks a bit like Cupid, and could melt the ears of even the hardest of Metal fans with one of his solos.
Dave Murray? 'e's the blonde one of the two geezers who never left Maidens album lineups.
by NabeshinsWig January 13, 2006
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