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A member of the Jackass Crew. Dave England is famous for doing many Jackass stunts involving poo. Such stunts include sitting on a rolling toilet going downhill with his pants pulled down, eating "poo" (really chocolate pudding) out of a diaper, the poo hug (Dave covered in refried beans and stink spray), etc.

In Jackass The Movie, Dave England decided to shit in a display toilet at a hardware store, had to go really bad, and lulz ensued when (according to the commentary), Jeff Tremaine unexpectedly pushed on his stomach and he ended up shitting his pants in a van filled with about 10 people. "Later that day" (actually a week according to the commentary), Dave went to a hardware store and took a shit in a display toilet. Of course this event would have not be complete without us seeing Dave's chocolate in the display toilet afterwards.

In Jackass 2, Dave England took a shit on this miniature toilet in a doll house. Lulz ensued again as millions in the movie audiences across the world got a second look at Dave's shit after 4 years since the hardware incident. Then there was the incident of him eating horse shit on a $200 bet from the Three 6 Mafia. Only 3 words can describe that. WTF!?!?!?

Dave England has also been involved in other disgusting stunts such as the vomelet where on two separate skits he eats the contents of an omelet, pukes it up, and then cooks the content in a frying pan. Or the incident of the "Milk Challenge": Dave tries unsuccessfully to be the fastest person to consume an entire gallon of milk with two other contestants.
"Oh Dude, he's shitting right now! Oh get out get out get out! No man we can't get out of here! Cmon man. What are you doing? Get out of the fuckin car." Jackass 1 as Dave England shits in the van.

"Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! Oh my God! Open the window! Open the window!". Dave shits again in Jackass 2.

"I'm Chef Dave, and this is the Omelette".

Naked Dave running across the road somewhere in the woods as the car comes over the hill in the early Jackass series.

by Jackass 1 and 2 forever November 12, 2007
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