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the feeling of remorse felt by the person paying for the date at the end of the date, usually caused by either a) not receiving the expected gratification for which the payment was preferred, b) realizing that the gratification was not worth the invested time, money or other asset.

When the return on investment for a date is lower than expected.

Usually accompanied by quantification of the investment balanced against the total return.
So we walked out of the restaurant, she says thank you and hops into the first cab she sees. Meanwhile, it's too late to call anyone else and I'm out 240 bucks. I got the worst daters remorse, I felt like just dialing a prostitute, but I didn't have enough money.

I spent 4 weeks listening to her talk about her invalid cat, who's so brave for living despite his injury (it's a damn cat!), and finally, after date 6, she finally lets me boink her and she's a total starfish. I had such bad daters remorse, I considered asking her for the $800 I invested in her as a refund. Total bait and switch.
by Noble Monkey November 21, 2009
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