A party that is had in ones apartment, perferably at Georgetown University.
Tool #1: Come on guys, I'm in the mood to GET IT ON!
Tool #2: Sounds terrific, your apartment or mine?
by Sha Grif Grif September 24, 2003
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Known throughout California as a night spent slippin' her one through the back door.
you GUYS, i was too horny but i didn't bring a condom. So it turned out to be a UCLA date party!
by WeAreStudents August 15, 2006
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A girl or a guy that you don't really know but take to a party to get them drunk in hopes to be able to hook up with them sexually or emotionally.
Jim- Who are you going to the party with tonight?
Bill- Well I plan on taking Jenn as my party date, but I don't know if she will be up for it or not. Sarah is my back-up party date if all else fails.
by JMang March 12, 2008
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When you invite someone, you like, to a party, but when they arrive to your house It actually turns out to be a date with a candle-lit dinner.
You: “Hey, do you wanna go to a party?”
Your Crush: “Sure, that’s sounds fun.”
Your Crush: *Opens Door* “Wtf…”
You: “Suprise!! This is actually a date. A Party Date. :)”
by Equype September 23, 2022
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