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Dassig (Swedish) is a word that can be used to define anything that's not pleasant.

The weather can be dassigt, in that case the weather is cloudy, wet, foggy, or just gray.
A garment can be also be dassigt. In that case the garment is worn out, old or just in a unpleasant color like brown, dark green or rusty. I'm not saying that brown clothes have to be dassiga, but I think you get the point. A person can have a dassig look aswell, if so the person has like messy hair, bad hygienic, dassiga clothes, and like bad skin.
I think that some proper translations could be scabby, ragged, shabby etc.
"What a dassigt weather!"

- Said Anna when she pulled up the curtains.
by TheTruthofaLiar March 07, 2011
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