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A small town in Minnesota filled with drunken pot heads and Finnish people who are commonly know as Finns. It was rated the #2 town in Minnesota. Dassel was named after some cocky German dude who ditched this town to go to Cali to get laid. now, the people here are either pretty nice, cunts, or just plain old bitches. The elderly have a strange obsession with roosters and made a weekend celebration about them. Another lovely thing about Dassel, there are about 47 creeper vans who would love to come and rape you if you're up to it.
Guy 1: HEY! Where are you from?!
Chick: OH I'm from Dassel!
Guy 2: Does that mean you're a pot head whore?
Chick: FO SHO!!! Who wants a threesome?!
by That one chick who lives here. January 17, 2013
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