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Dashieness is a lifestyle. The style (fashion) is island-surf, well washed, and a favorite. The clothes worn are favorites. (The ones your moms tried to throw away!)

Socially, Dashieness in a person is a perfect balance of male, female. Outstanding priorities in life and love, mixed within a creative life filled with art, liturature, film and focus on important, meaningful thought. Courage in life, and a love of truth/honor without fear. Booshieness is a componet, but only as it pertains to a love of quality of daily life.
The concept was made famous by the artist writer DR Earp and his bff Billy Knows.
"That shirt is so Dashey!" "That sour cream chocolate cake is pure Dashe." "I need some Dashe in my life!" "Thats not very Dashey."
Dashe is the magical flying frog from the book DEVILBOY, that transports Devilboy from the Underworld to the Overworld. Dashe has honor, empathy as well as passion, with the WARRIORS WAY. Dashe flys with a strong, simple truth.
by Billy Knows December 28, 2012
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