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A band that doesn't actually exist. Used to derail masturbatory and pretentious conversations and articles about indie music. The band is described differently each time, with the descriptions of its lineup and their habits, the musical style, era of popularity, and method of recording changing with each retelling.
Pitchfork music writer: On his new 12-inch limited release with the alternate cover, indie legend Jay Reatard mixes whiffs of post-punk lyrical garbling with retrograde lo-fi rhythm guitar, bombastic Stooges-era drums, malleable dance rhythms, and hippy-dippy basslines.

Intelligent music writer: You like AnCo? You should totally check out Das Motorbike. Back in the 80s, DM seamlessly blended the post-ska rhythms of Colonial Jo'burg with the astroturf-infused anti-folk of late-era Plath Sisters, all of it tied together with a proto-punk ribbon and a shit-grunge cherry on top
by Riggsbert April 16, 2009
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