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A Darvis is a chap you may know that sits that oh so very fine line between hippie and frat boy. He smokes, listens to Dave Matthews, Marley, maybe even a little oldies. If he listens to oldies it's over with. He's hilarious, and hates both hippies and frat boys. he will make fun of them, yet he's suspiciously like them.
Guy A: "Dude...I feel like Dave Matthews Band woke up one day and realized that all of their fans are total tools and just act like douchebags all the time. I hate frat boys who listen to dave matthews."

Guy B: "Is that an american eagle flannel you're wearing?"

Guy A: Yeah

Guy B: Thanks, Darvis.

Guy A: I'm no stereotype!

Guy B: Wanna go smoke a bowl?

Guy A: Sure, yeah.
by pookieray March 12, 2011
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