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When your bro drinks or smokes a shit ton and proceeds to behave in an evil and douchey manner totally unbecoming of your bro
-Bro Darby fucked my wife last night
-No way!
-Yeah he got trashed and swooped in on her like a douche
-Damn, darth fader

-For real, now i'm flying han solo
by The Electric Salad February 05, 2011
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they are the nipples that are so big they lose a boundry line and proceed to fade into the regular skin color. they are similar to the infamous pancake nipple or the ever popular pepparoni nipple but with a destinct difference because of the lack of border line.
i was with this hot ass girl last night she had a perfect body except when i took off her shirt she had darth faders.
by the fader nator September 21, 2009
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right before you bust a nut put a fan in front of her face and blow it right into her face while she says "luke i am your father. This causes the human ejaculate to advance in speed and splatter all over
"dude this bitch said I couldnt shoot it far, so I pulled the darth fader and splattered her"
by Jmoney$$ August 24, 2007
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