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Nickname of Steven Orr Spurrier, AKA Evil Genius the baddest MFer to set cleats on a football field. Known for chucking his visor, headphones, or clipboard when he is annoyed at a bad call by the referee. Also the action of throwing your headgear like Steve Spurrier.
He got so mad he took his helmet off and went Darth Visor with it
by DeadlineUSMC May 03, 2009
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An elderly (or sometimes middle-aged) Korean woman who wears a large visor to shade her face from the sun's harmful rays. Some of the visors are absolutely massive, so much so that they often become a veritable black mask - the wearer's actual face becomes completely hidden from view. Plus, older women have a fearsome reputation in Korean society... hence the term "Darth Visor" (a pun of "Darth Vader", the lead antagonist from Star Wars).
Person 1: "Yikes, check out that old ajumma wearing a huge visor."

Person 2: "It's... Darth Visor."
by Who Ate All The Squid? October 05, 2010
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