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A name meaning "Dreamer". In ancient Greek legend a goddess Darrienia was the person who created our dreams for us. Some times known as Aphrodite's daughter.

Girls named Darrienia are usualy very misunderstood and unique.

The most common pronouciation of this name is the obvious DARE-ee-N-ee-ah. But the propper pronounciation from greek lore is DARE-ee-N-ah.

People in Greece usualy give the name Darrienia to nameless, beautiful women in there dreams.
1) I saw a smoken hawt Darrienia in my dream last night!
2) The goddess Darrienia was said to have been born from a pool of unicorns blood.
3) Darrienia is such a loner at school, everyone hates her.
by Aphrodite Rainbow Dream October 12, 2009
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