an immature, narcissistic, retarded individual who plays videogames "for a living", in actuality all this douchebag does is make an absolute ass of himself and show his serious learning disorder and extremely low attention span.
recurring excuses for him being a complete scrub at videogames include:
1) online lag
2) bugged mechanics
3) bad programming
4) games not telling him what to do
5) bad AI

common catchphrases:
"it's not my fault, nothing i could do."
"this is stupid! THIS IS BULLSHIIITTT!"
"Darksydephil is the worst Metal Gear Solid player in the Galaxy."
"Darksydephil was caught jerking off on camera roflmao"
by Magmadiver January 28, 2017
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Its your classic scrub! Seen on youtube making an idiot of himself
Darksydephil (while playing Street Fighter 4 Online): I'm fucking blocking!!! This lag is ridiculous. He interrupted my shoryuken because of online bullshit!
by Greatgeekness January 13, 2011
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A youtuber who makes many enjoyable video game playthroughs with commetary. He specializes in fighting games. His commetary consists of his personal views of the games, influenced by no other company/organization, which adds a comedic edge.
Darksydephil: Who's this troll making bs about me on Urban Dictionary?
by Crazyc131 August 25, 2010
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