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1)The Darksuits are a people who wear all black and are NOT goth. The Darksuits are generally well-respected and actually have the brain capacity to NOT conform to the rules of society unlike the goths, who, ironically, under their shroud of misery and hatred toward everyone, including themselves, DO conform themselves to society.

2) the Visgoths, Germanic tribes of late antiquity.

3) a cool name for a death metal band.
1)George Carlin was the greatest comedian of all time, revered by legions of fans, and is thought to be the first Darksuit in modern history.

2) the Darksuit Visgoths, lead by Odacer, sacked Rome in 410 a.d.

3) The Darksuits opened for Cannibal Corpse last night.
by Darksuit January 07, 2013
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