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1. A person who worships and/or finds the Darkness pleasing. Darknist worship dark deities but also goes by Individualism rules.
2. A person who believes straying from The Light, and resisting fate.
3. A non-Christian.
4. Someone who admires or looks up to Opposing Light Figures
5. A person who loves dark poetry.
6. Listens to Deathcore music.
Darknist worship dark deites. Such as Nyx, Erebos, Kali, Hades, Chaos.
Though called The Angel of Light, Lucifer could also apply to this for his defecting from Christ shows Individualism.
Darknist do not have to just worship dark deities to be darknist. The love of being in dark places and Individualism make a Darknist.
Darknist are non-christians. The Bible does not apply to them.
by Wrathkid May 02, 2011
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