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Darkly inclined refers to someone who follows a darker or spookier lifestyle, but isn't necessarily goth. Interests can include Tim Burton, Gothic literature or anything that creates a darker atmosphere, Halloween, music of a generally darker style and dressing alternative/darker fashion styles. Members of other subcultures can be darkly inclined, like metalheads.

Goth pertains to someone who listens to goth music, including genres such as goth rock, death rock, post-punk, gothabilly, cold wave and dark wave (e.g. ethereal wave and neoclassical). It does not describe "anyone dark", it has a specific definition.
Goths can be darkly inclined, but it's not a requirement by definition of the subculture. Some darkly inclined people can even discover goth music and become part of the subculture, too. It doesn't always have to work hand in hand, but it can.
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