Top definition, A notorious hacking website started by RoMeO and r4z0rbl4d3 aka the reaper. This website became renown when r4z0rbl4d3 hacked (another widely known hacking/security website) and defaced it numerous times after finding, a reported number of 3 vulnerabilities, an SQL, XSS through the shoutbox, and an RFI through one of the challenges. The website then whent through some hosting problems for quite some times as MrCheese, HellBoundHackers owner was able to social engineer and threaten the hosting center of DarkMindz to remove the website. After inactivity RoMeO coded a whole new cms for the website in php, and slugproofed it from many sorts of security flaws. After it's release he focused on SEO and promoting his website, not as yet another "Challenges" Hacking website but as a website with a group of intellectual hackers and/or security experts who are out there to help anyone who needs it, or is looking to learn. The Reapers activity then decreased due to the simple fact of Life, and RoMeO really took over. There have been countless failed attacks on DarkMindZ in the past and are still occuring, mostly DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks by botnet owners and skids. DarkMindZ has had very honorable mentions and has passed so much knowledge on to the world. It is composed of many great hackers and security experts as well as graphic designers and programmers. The Website is affiliated heavily with TheDefaced a widely known hacking website on the underground network.
DarkMindZ success and history cannot be simply told in a couple of lines or a definition but is something to be lived, a history of defeats and victory, a great website with a great community and much knowledge.
Hey I heard DMZ (DarkMindZ) just hacked HBH (HellboundHackers) AGAIN! This time they released the whole database!
by turbocharged06 October 30, 2008
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