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Dark Macek is the most menacing, evil, democrat slayer since well.... ever. He is pro life, but he eats babies for breakfast. His inflammatory remarks would make him go to hell, but he fucking designed hell to his liking being Satan's contractor. He is best friends with the devil, but enemies with the anti Christ (our commander in chief). Iraq is looking for WMD's in America (weapons of Metal Destruction), and have been unsuccessful in locating Dark. His father is Ozzy Osbourne, and his mother is Lita Ford. The pregnancy test proved that he would be metal when Lita urinated on a Kenny G CD and it caught fire. He was able to play the riff to crazy train before he could speak. His allergies include emotion and pussy indie rock. He courageously battles day in and day out for the kiss army. Dark vacations at Guantanamo bay and melts detainees faces with his uber-metal riffs.
Dark Macek melted my face for bashing the metalist band ever MEGADETH!!!

Dark Macek bleeds Francium the most metal of all the elements!
by jimmy slimmy May 21, 2010
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