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Darien Lake theme park resort is located in Darien center NY. Darien Lake is one of the best places in NY. The Ride Of steel is the best ride! Darien Lake is nothing compared to Cedar Point. The workers are Darien Lake are nice people but they are all country farmers that have nothing better to do than get drunk and smoke weed. All the workers and ride opperators are jealous of the Lifeguards, the lifeguards have it best. When working at DL you wish for a thunderstrom to close everything down, but there is a bubble around DL and it never thunderstorms. It has been seen, a thunderstrom approach DL and split into 2 clouds and go around darien lake and than form back togather as one. But when you visit Darien Lake as a visitor it always rains and thunders so it sucks. The lifeguards are DL are mean people, they always are yelling at us,but than they have wave breaks, and during those what do they do? they all break the rules that they yelled at us for breaking, i also like the fact that when you look at a lifeguard after they jumped in, for guys you can see the outline of there huge dicks! and for girls you can see there hard nipples. i have only seen one lifeguard with huge tits! all the rest have small tits. but all the guys have huge dicks. If i was a female lifeguard i would ask the guys to send me pictures of there huge dicks or i would stare at there huge dicks while they are wet. its ridiculous how well there shitty outfits show there dicks. The ride opperators are also mean people and they look like they hate there job very much! they are never in good moods. All the female opperators are ugly and all the males are gay. I really like the baby blue polos though, they are sexy. the food at Darien lake is awful! and its such a rip off!!!! If you go to Darien lake never buy the food. it sucks.
"yo lets go to Darien Lake"
"why that place sucks"
"we can flirt with the workers"
"all the workers are ugly except lifeguards"
"thats true, but we live on a farm, lets go get wasted out of our minds at darien lake"
by pseudonym12345678987654321 August 12, 2009
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