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When one fails to do the "zoolander pose" miserably. Aka Darcey's version of the "zoolander pose" from the movie Zoolander. Basically, Darcey raises his eyebrows in a retarded fashion instead of giving the cool appearance of the real "zoolander pose". This definitly makes him look extrememly douchey.
Guy 1: Alright i am taking the picture.

Guy 2: Wait up, i thing we're going to have to do that one over, I'm pretty sure i just pulled the "Darcey Zoolander".You know, when you have your eyebrows raised in a retarded fashion. Remember, Darcey was the first to do it hence the name "Darcey Zoolander."

Guy 1: Hahaha you did, man i'm sorry, we have to take this one over otherwise you'll look like a major douche bag!

Guy 2: Yeah i know, shut up.
by ChrisFow July 10, 2008
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