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A smart, beautiful, young girl, whos smile will brighten any day. She is amazingly talented at playing guitar, and writing poems and or stories. She has brownish green eyes, and usually long brown hair. She is funny and sometimes may say odd things. She may be very sweet, but she has a slightly short temper. She enjoys making people happy and loves to make people smile with her silly attitude. She is committed and doesn't believe in hurting people, only if she really has too. She is very sensitive, but can take a punch if she needs too. She finds it a bit hard to trust people, but if you give her the time, she'll trust you.
"Dude, look at Dantilyah, she's so beautiful!"
"Yeah, man, I know. I wish I had a girl like her."
by Punkgirl44857 January 09, 2012
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