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A potato that likes pizza, Netflix, cuddling, and making Youtube videos; And if he ever skips a haircut, then he will look like a rapist.
Danny Edge is a fucking sexy beast! I think I'm going go watch Netflix with him!
by _paulzimmmer January 19, 2015
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A youtuber, runs a channel called Exclamation Point with his best friend, Paul Zimmer. Has the most stunning, captivating, big blue eyes you've ever seen in your life. I swear his smile was made by God himself and his laugh sounds like the gates of heaven are opening upon the earth. Loves potatoes, (the food and the subscribers) sleeping, (I think) pizza, netflix, bands, being a total weirdo, and making youtube videos. Needs a cuddle buddy.
Danny Edge just uploaded a video.

Danny Edge seems like good boyfriend material.

Some youtubers are boring, but Danny Edge from Exclamation Point is cute and makes really funny videos.

youtube youtubers pizza netflix funny youtube videos bands
by CarrotCat March 02, 2016
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