name to describe memes that are even more dank than dank memes. to be the best memes. Creation of one such meme would make the individual an instant meme Overlord. Dankest Dank memes are most likely extremely offensive to get max exposure and enjoyment.
Hail TheLegend27 our glorious leader, she makes the dankest dank memes!
by Meme Lord Zike December 21, 2016
This is a phrase used for the D@NK3$T of memes, Dankest of the dank is what people use when they see a extremely dank ass meme, very dank meme, like MLG Memes or Pepe? I don't fucking know.. What's a good meme...

Oh I know!

Person 1: Aye yo man look at this meme
Person 2: Aye that meme is Dankest of the dank
Person 1: Lmao yea
by Psy_The_Psychic February 12, 2020