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Dankastru is the first established organized religion of the game Ark: Survival Evolved. Created by players, Dankastru encourages players to work together instead of raiding each other. Dankastru's *High* Priest lives on server 420 with his most trusted Danklord, J the Kid, but Dankastru has began to spread to other groovy corners of other servers. Sometime the High Priest can be found on Reddit.

Despite being loosely structured as an organized religion, those who practice in game insist it's not a religion, but an inclination/way of life and points out that religions ask you to give up things while Dankastru encourages you to enjoy them. Anyone who practices The Eight is considered "Dankastru Inclined".
Dude are you Dankastru?

I'm inclined!

Wanna burn one?

Hail the Ancient Dankloft!
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by MistrBearJew June 24, 2017
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